How to Keep Your Flooring Clean

Keeping your floor clean is an important part of maintaining a healthy household. Your floors take the greater part of the damage from dirt or spills and can quickly become messy. Before takeling the task of cleaning your floors, consider seeking help from a local carpet cleaning company. Good maintenance of flooring can save you money in the long run by making your flooring last as long as possible and will help to ensure your house looks and feels pleasant.


Carpets are a pleasure to have in your home, providing a comfortable, warm feel to rooms. However, if not well cared for, they can build up dirt and stains, become unpleasant to touch or look at. Ongoing care is essential to keep carpets clean. Make sure to vacuum frequently especially near outer door ways or in high traffic areas. Dirt attracts more dirt, so prevent buildup before it happens. It’s a great idea to have welcome matts and to not wear outdoor shoes inside.

When you vacuum, it’s a good idea to to start with a clean bag and filter and make sure you’re going at a slow, steady pace. It’s important to adjust your vacuum so that the brush roller is not grinding into the carpet, which can damage your carpet and lead to less effective cleaning. Whenever you have a spill, make sure to clean it up rapidly, but be careful not to blot or dab, rather than rub at the spill, since rubbing can work the spill further into the fibers of the carpet. Fast action is likely to prevent a stain!

Even with good upkeep, a steam clean every year to year and a half is advisable to keep carpeting in top condition. You can rent a steam cleaner yourself, but many models available for rent or purchase by ordinary consumers lack the suction necessary to pull moisture out of the carpeting, leaving your carpet damp so when you use them, be careful to not spend too much time in any area. Professionals with much beefier units should be able to effectively take care of the whole process without leaving moisture in your carpet. While such service might be expensive, at several hundred dollars per 1000 sq. ft. any competent cleaner should be comprehensive. Quality professional service and ongoing upkeep should keep professional cleaning infrequent, preserving your carpet and your wallet.


Well maintained wood floors look beautiful, but it’s all too easy to let them end up looking scratched and faded. Just like with carpets, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, so use welcome matts and indoor shoes and do your best to avoid scratching your floors when moving furniture. To keep your floors clean, a microfiber dust mop or a vacuum is far superior to an ordinary broom when it comes to keeping wood floors looking shiny and dust free. When using a vacuum, try to set the brush roller very high, or turn it off as it can scratch your floors.

If your floors have built up dirt use a liquid cleaner designed for use on wood with a mop or rag. If they’re more seriously worn or scratched they likely need to be buffed or even sanded and refinished. Unless your a professional house carpenter, it’s best to call in professionals for this to make sure that the job is done evenly, competently and not too frequently.

Tile & Grout

Tile and grout is a common flooring for kitchens and bathrooms and while tough tile is generally easier to clean than carpeting or hardwood it can still be a problem, especially if your white grout starts looking embarrassingly grimy. In wet areas, you can start getting mold in your grout, leading to mold spreading elsewhere in your home. Good old fashioned soap and brush, plus a lot of scrubbing is the best DIY method, though always make sure to use your cleaning solution on a test patch before committing to it. For mild stains, simple warm water may be enough. Natural solutions, such as vinegar can be your next tactic, reserving bleach for really grimy areas.

Professional service for tile and grout is often an easier option for grimy areas if you have the room in your budget for it. Professionals can use machines that take the hard scrubbing out of the equation and can leave your flooring far cleaner than hand methods alone can. Additionally, professionals can seal your grout, helping delaying future staining, saving you money and effort in the long run.


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